Yukarı Çık

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1850,00 TL
1850,00 TL
(APPROX. $236,70 / €197,60)
It is very easy to be organized all the time with the organizer inside your bag. Nobody other than you will be able to access your personal belongings, such as your passport, your money, thanks to the hidden pocket behind your bag. Hang your bag from the cross straps on the back, either on the handle of your trunk or hang your sweatshirt on these straps.

Compatible with - notebooks up to 16''; Internal zipper pocket for smart phone, passports, wallet and personal items; front pocket; wider outer pocket for easy access; cross band on the back for convenience.

Measures:  30x44x13 cm
Outer: 100% Genuine Leather, sourced from Turkey.
Inner: 100% Genuine Leather, sourced from Turkey
Lining: Cotton